M.I.C.E., Congress and Events

Historic city without equal in the world, contemporary European capital, strategic center in the Mediterranean, Rome is a city with enormous potential as a tourist and business destination, with a strong appeal for international congresses, corporate, institutional, political and cultural events. In Rome, modernity and innovation blend perfectly with the majesty of history and the city today represents a modern stage where architectural structures of famous international designers coexist in harmony with the best preserved ancient city in the world. For this reason, the simple fact of placing an event in Rome can lead to a significant increase in the number of participants, up to +20% according to a recent analysis conducted on the most important international events organized in Rome in recent years. In this context, the versatile and flexible exhibition center of Fiera Roma – perfectly connected to Fiumicino airport and by train to the city center – is the ideal setting for fairs, conventions, professional and business meetings, competitions, congresses and sessions of massive exams, as well as for sporting events, entertainment and shows.

The exhibition center in figures:

  • 85,000 gross sqm of covered area
  • 9 single-floor halls without columns
  • 800 mt walkway connecting the halls
  • 1 Conference Hall with 13 equipped meeting rooms
  • 13 meeting room nel Padiglione Convegni
  • 5,000 seats in Conference Hall
  • 450,000 sqm of gross outdoor area
  • 15+ coffee / bar points
  • 5,000 car parking spaces
  • 20,000 sqm of multi-function outdoor runway
  • 10,000 wi-fi simultaneous connections per hall

An attractive 6 mt. h. walkway allows visitors to experience a pleasant walk as they approach the exhibition through the elevated path. The extreme accessibility of all the areas is the real logistic plus of Fiera Roma.

The Conference Hall is designed to host the programs of the largest scientific conferences and congresses worldwide. This for the high-level and functional services, with as many as 13 perfectly equipped Conference Rooms whose capacity varies from 50 to 570 seats.

Fiera Roma can also count on Italy’s largest high-density wireless infrastructure:

  • 150 km of fiber optic cabling
  • 250 access points that offer complete coverage to Halls, offices and to great part of the outdoor areas
  • Up to 10,000 simultaneous connections each hall
  • Dual band service (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • High Quality and High Speed Connections (over 100 megs per conn.)

Based on an accurate architectural design, high-level technologies and equipment, the network guarantees:

  • High user density
  • High security level
  • Interference minimization
  • Connection stability and performance
  • Availability of various authentication mechanisms
  • 10 Gbit / sec per connection.

MICE Department Contacts
Phone: +39 06 65 074 240
Fax: +39 06 65 074 461
email: eg.tognetti@fieraroma.it