Headquarter of Italian institutions, true capital of the Mediterranean and a bridge between new and old markets, Rome is the ideal candidate to promote internationalization, both inbound and outbound. And internationalization is one of the fundamental lines of development of Fiera Roma. The fair aims at becoming a supporting and useful instrument, for all companies and industries that want to be promoted abroad. On the other hand, Fiera is at the service of those countries who intend to be promoted and better known in Italy, by means of effective and customized project, like country presentations, special forums, dedicated events and festivals.

To win its challenge and carry out its mission as catalyst for the economy of the territory of Lazio and of the entire country, Fiera Roma offers its role as bridge to face foreign markets.

Trade fairs give rise to 50% of national exports, they are the main promotional tool for 75% of industrial companies and 85% of SMEs. Thet are the key agent, responsible for disseminating the image of our country and Made in Italy in the world.

To reach the goal, Fiera Roma needs not chase after models of other expo centers. What is needed is a tailored suit, to dress up its peculiar Roman and Mediterranean identity, to enhance its enormous potential. In this view, numerous are the agreements made with sister trade fairs, in different countries: Spain, Greece, Morocco, Iran, Israel, India and Scotland.