Advanced infrastructure and connectivity for the organization of Trade Fairs, Digital Exams, Conferences, and Events of all sizes, even simultaneously. In addition, Wi-Fi network coverage, in outdoor and indoor areas, allow organizing any kind of event with no need to wire the various Halls, thus ensuring multiple advantages.







Provided with the largest Wi-Fi infrastructure in Rome, Fiera Roma is a European excellence thanks to its fiber-optic ultra-connectivity and the use of the most innovative technological solutions and related applications, such as video surveillance, systems for high-quality live streaming and solutions related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Ultra-high-speed fiber-optic Internet connectivity

150 km of fiber optic, connection via two diversified links, with capacity of 10 Gigabit per second each.

State-of-the-art Wi-Fi: speed and stability for large events

The Wi-Fi service available allows up to 10,000 users per hall to be provided simultaneously.

In addition to the connectivity itself, the infrastructure is enhanced by associated applications, such as video surveillance service over IP (Internet Protocol) channel or campus LAN networks between different halls.

A few figures of Fiera di Roma Wi-Fi

254 Wireless Access Points, i.e. antennas capable of providing radio connectivity service, each capable of handling simultaneous connections of hundreds of users, for a total capacity of 50 thousand users in the exhibition area, with dual band service at 2.4 and 5 GHz and single quality connections at speeds of over 100 Mega.

Maximum Wireless, Maximum Wired

Fiera Roma is also equipped for wired connections in various technologies: from traditional Ethernet and VDSL technologies, to the most innovative infrastructure architecture, connectivity composed of 100% fiber optics and no copper sections.

Advanced security with IP video surveillance

The fiber-optic infrastructure enabled the installation of IP video surveillance cameras, taking advantage of the Internet connection. This results in: higher picture quality, greater scalability and flexibility of the system, and storage of footage that can thus be more easily retrieved.

High-quality live streaming

Inside Fiera Roma, live streaming of the highest standard can be transmitted. Conferences, talks, and live streams of visitor flows are finally broadcastable in real time with excellent video and audio quality.

Ready for the Internet of Things era

Fiera Roma is already equipped with Wireless coverage suitable for the IoT, the Internet of Things, using LoRaWAN™ technology.

This allows smart objects to talk to each other, giving us new solutions and possibilities.


Audio and Video

Monitors and accessories


Amplification systems

Tv screens

new generation medium and large sizes

Custom Complements

with design and installation service

Ticket office

Hardware services

Fiera Roma has the latest generation PC cash desks, PDAs and printers that will reduce visitor waiting time during ticket purchase/issue. In addition to all this, there are also self-registration columns to issue specific entry tickets depending on the type of event.

Access control

In addition to the turnstiles in reception and near all our halls, Fiera Roma also has the best hardware devices (PDAs) to control access. We guarantee every type of barcode, QR code, RFID (radio frequency identification) can be read.


zero risk management

La prima piattaforma per concorsi completamente paperless.
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