Fiera Roma is entirely owned by Investimenti S.p.A., 100%. The administration is entrusted to a Sole Director, Fabio Casasoli, appointed on May 7, 2021. The supervisory body, appointed by the assembly resolution on August 3, 2021, consists of a Board of Statutory Auditors composed of:

Antonella Greco (Chairman)
Andrea Collalti (Effective Member)
Mauro Grimani (Effective Member)
Caterina Giomi (Alternate Member)
Giuseppe Cappiello (Alternate Member)

The statutory audit of the accounts is entrusted to the Ernst & Young company.

Fiera Roma, in line with the commitments declared and undertaken with the Code of Ethics, has adopted the Organizational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, which introduced a regime of administrative responsibility for the company. The MOGC was first adopted in 2008 and has been updated over time in relation to legislative interventions over the years. The body overseeing the correct effectiveness of the MOGC is the Supervisory Body consisting of:

  • Fabrizio Merluzzi (Chairman)
  • Giovanni Mottura (External Member)
  • Andrea Inserra (Internal Member)

Any information and/or reports of illicit conduct can be reported to the Supervisory Body through the following methods:

Email: In paper form: Fiera Roma S.r.l, via Portuense, 1645, 00148 Roma, C.A. President OdV

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As regards corporate administrative liability, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, Fiera Roma has decided to implement an Organisation, Management and Control Model within the company to prevent any unlawful situations carried out in its interest or to its advantage. This section entitled General Part and the Code of Ethics establish the fundamental principles, values and ethical responsibilities Fiera Roma intends to follow and which all recipients must comply with.