Advertising spaces

Make the most of these advertising tools to optimise your presence at Fiera Roma and acquire greater visibility.

North/East Entrances

Mobile interactive signage columns

Railing signage

Hanging signage

North/East Entrances Customised Cash points

Conveyor belt

Internal lateral advertising banners

Horizontal double-sided banners

Banner on website

Sale of different types and different sizes of advertising spaces on our website homepage with the possibility of configuring fixed or rotating solutions to accommodate more than one banner at a time.


The active “Newsletter” plugin on all our event websites enables us to sell advertising spaces in our newsletters to be sent to all our registered members.

Interactive signage columns

Installation of 2 new LED Walls to replace the old, unproductive radar at the NORTH and EAST entrances. The LED Walls will enable proper advertising programming for the organiser, exhibitors and third parties. In fact, the latter will also guarantee an economic return when there are no trade fair events.


MeetMe is the complete solution that offers the opportunity for the Exhibitor and Visitor to acquire and exchange data. Its wide range of functions makes it an extremely dynamic, flexible product, suitable for all occasions.

Video service

Thanks to our collaboration with Italian Television, we are able to set up bespoke video services for the organiser or for individual exhibitors. The purchase of a video package will enable ads or interviews to be created to be displayed on our broadcasting systems, social media, YouTube, Led Walls, signage columns, etc.)

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